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Only available for Android phones.

What is Pocket Khaki?

The sad reality is that we live in an increasingly violent society in which the fear of crime is everpresent. Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone especially women. Pocket Khaki helps you and your loved ones keep track of your location and safety while you travel.

Crowdsourced Driver Records

Helps you select a safer ride based on driver and vehicle's past record and previous passenger's feedback.

Complete Track Record

Saves not just the last location but the complete track you followed once you start a trip.

Share Trip – In your control

Select the contacts with whom you want to share a trip. Get complete control over your trip sharing preference.

Panic Alerts – Works even with locked phone screen

Just shake your device during any trip to send pre-baked panic alerts to your emergency contacts.


Learn more about the core features of Pocket Khaki App

Vehicle Details

Confirm the vehicle registration before boarding.

Crowdsourced feedback

Learn about driver past records and travellers feedback..

Add Contacts

Add your contacts in the app to share your location and commute details.

Report Driver

Report about overspeeding, traffic light jumps, mis-behavior and over-charging in a single click.

Share Location

We keep your selected friends informed about your current location at your connsent.

Panic Situation

Just shake your device to send pre-backed panic "Alert" to your friends.

Your Trips List

See all your Pocket Khaki trips at one place.

Personal Tracking

Send updates abour your location to your friends and family.

Track Your Friends

Track your friends’ locations — where they are and where they’ve been.

More to come!


See what’s included in the App

Start a trip

Multiple Tracker Option

Search vehicle with number

Driver's Reviews

Real Time Location Sharing

Share Trip

Driver's Feedback

Panic Alert

Multiple Sharing Options

Your Trips

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